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The EO Minnesota Board of Directors attended GLC in Panama this past May and I was a part of the Accelerator track. During the track, I learned from Accelerator Champions from all over the world. It was awesome! Here are our goals for FY2013/2014:

  1. Build a strong committee with 5 EO members
  2. Achieve Celebrity Status (25 members)
  3. Establish Champion-elect
  4. Execute quarterly recruiting events

Thank you to the EO Accelerator Committee members for their involvement with making Accelerator great:

  • Glenda Amar (Chapter Administrator)
  • Carla Bainbridge
  • Joan Vaughn
  • Troy Maas

Celebrity status unlocks extra funds for our chapter for exotic recruiting events and social activities. Celebrity requirements include:

  • EO member as Champion and committee and involvement of 5 or more EO Members
  • Both Accelerator Champion-Elect and Champion- Elect/Elect attend GLC
  • Committees holds quarterly committee Meetings
  • Champion or representative of the committee attend 10 of 11 monthly area calls
  • Accelerator Focus Plan from GLC is reviewed quarterly with EOA committee
  • 6 accountability groups have an EO mentor
  • 90% of Accelerator Participants are placed into an Accountability Group
  • 25+ participants
  • 3 graduates per year
  • 2 recruiting events per year unless over 30 participants
  • 80% renewals annually
  • The calendar is planned 12 Months out at each quarterly learning event
  • Attendance is 80% of all participants + at all quarterly events
  • Champion, 3 committee members + Accountability Group Leaders attend learning day
  • 4 quarters of participant data to Global

You can help make our chapter great! Spread the word with your friends and contacts and refer participants to me and I’ll take it from there. Lets make our chapter AWESOME!

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