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GSKristopher “Chad” Ridenour, EO Arizona

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Chad joined EO Accelerator in August of 2011. He was accepted into EO Arizona May 2013. Chad completed a 3 year curriculum in slightly less than 2 years. We were able to catch up with the recent EOAccelerator-Graduate to talk about valuable lessons Accelerator has taught him. Also, he spoke on the impact and the value of EO Accelerator.

Q: How would you describe the value of Accelerator and EO?

A: I learned The value of positive management, having a healthy financial position, and intelligent business decision making. As a business owner, there are decisions and challenges placed before you that no manager or friend can truly assist with. These choices have to come from your gut and be learned as you go. The Accelerator program and EO offer guidance and peers facing your issues. There is no question or problem someone has not dealt with that can offer their experience to help you better understand your situation.

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